Westerns from the East


Original title: Der Scout
GDR, 1982, color, 100 min.

DIRECTOR: Konrad Petzold
SCRIPT: Gottfried Kolditz
CAMERA: Otto Hanisch
MUSIC: Karl-Ernst Sasse

Gojko Mitic, Klaus Manchen, Milan Beli, Nazagdordshijn Batzezeg, Giso Weißbach, Jürgen Heinrich, Uwe Jellinek, Roland Seidler, Hartmut Beer, Manfred Zetzsche, Helmut Schreiber

The end of the Nez Percés is only a matter of time. The whites are forcing the peaceful Indian tribe to move to a reservation. Soldiers took away their horses. The Indian who calls himself Umatillah arrives just at the right time. Sworn into the army, he is to take the herd to the Fort. But during their dangerous journey, mistrust grows…

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