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GDR, 1978, color, 82 min.

DIRECTOR: Claus Dobberke
SCRIPT: Inge Borde
Based Upon a novel by Eduard Klein: "Severino von den Inseln"
CAMERA: Hans Heinrich
MUSIC: Günther Fischer

Gojko Mitic, Violeta Andrei, Constantin Fugasin, Mircea Anghelescu, Emanoil Petrut, Leon Niemczyk, Helmut Schreiber, Thomas Wolff, Zephi Alsec, Romulus Barbulescu, Adriana Boldijar, Jurie Darie , Jon Dichiseanu

After a ten-year absence, Severino returns to his tribe, the Manzaneros, who live on the edge of the Argentinean Andes. However, in his home village, Severino encounters a tense and troubled situation caused by a gang that tries to agitate Indians and settlers against each other. Severino tries to mediate between the hostile parties. The intransigent Chief Nicolas refuses to relinquish his war plans. In his eyes, Severino is a traitor deserving of death.

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