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Original title: Blutsbrüder
GDR, 1975, color, 100 min.

DIRECTOR: Werner W. Wallroth
SCRIPT: Dean Reed, Wolfgang Ebeling
CAMERA: Hans Heinrich
MUSIC: Karl-Ernst Sasse,

Dean Reed, Gojko Mitic, Gisela Freudenberg, Jörg Panknin, Cornel Ispas, Toma Dimitriu, Jurie Darie

In 1864, American soldiers commit a massacre among the Cheyenne. One of the soldiers, Harmonica is captured by the Indians. They think he is the murderer of Chief Grey Elk. But it is he, who gives Harmonica back his freedom. He stays with the Cheyenne tribe and slowly makes friends with the Indians. Hard Rock, once his worst enemy, becomes his blood brother and Harmonica marries his sister Fawn. More and more, Harmonica understands the lies of the whites.


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