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Original title: Apachen
GDR, 1973, color, 93 min.

DIRECTOR: Gottfried Kolditz
SCRIPT: Gottfried Kolditz, Gojko Mitic
CAMERA: Helmut Bergmann
MUSIC: Hans-Dieter Hosalla

Gojko Mitic, Milan Beli, Colea Rautu, Leon Niemczyk, Gerry Wolff, Rolf Hoppe, Elsa Grube-Deister, Fred Delmare, Horst Kube, Willi Schrade, Slena Albu

Mexico 1846/48. The young Apache warrior Ulzana and few others survive a massacre committed by the US army in the Chihuahua desert. He starts chasing the murderers. The Apache Indians have to proceed with utmost prudence and cunning because their opponents are many and well armed. Ulzana and his followers must live through many adventures before the young chief defeats the murderer of the Apaches in a duel.

Red Earth Film Festival Oklahoma (USA) 1997: Special Recognition, Festroia International Film Festival Setúbal 2006

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