Westerns from the East

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GDR, 1971, color, 109 min.

DIRECTOR: Konrad Petzold
SCRIPT: Günter Karl, Walter Püschel
CAMERA: Hans Heinrich
MUSIC: Wilhelm Neef

Gojko Mitic, Horst Schulze, Jurie Darie, Karin Ugowski, Kati Bus

The Seminole Indians are the only tribe to refuse deportation to a reservation. But, devoting themselves to farming and stock breeding in the state of Florida, they are in the way of the white plantation owners particularly since black slaves join up with the Seminoles. Thus, the government has decided to resettle them in the state of Oklahoma. The corrupt slaveholder and farmer William Raynes demands, however, that all slaves are returned to their owners. The Seminoles have no idea that the whites plan to ambush and kill them. Recognizing the impending danger, Chief Osceola warns his people.

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