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Original title: Spur des Falken
GDR, 1968, color, 120 min.

DIRECTOR: Gottfried Kolditz
SCRIPT: Günter Karl
CAMERA: Otto Hanisch
MUSIC: Karl-Ernst Sasse, Wolfgang Meyer

Gojko Mitic, Hannjo Hasse, Barbara Brylska, Lali Meszchi, Rolf Hoppe, Helmut Schreiber, Fred Delmare, Hartmut Beer, Holger Mahlich, Milan Jablonsky, Fred Ludwig, Horst Kube, Paul Berndt, Laurenti Koschadse

Gold fever has swept the Black Hills. The area is overrun with property speculators, gold-diggers and settlers, although the land is legally owned by the Dakota Indians. Tanglewood, the gold-digger’s settlement, is the scene of many brawls and struggles between the warriors of the Keen-eyed Falcon and the white adventurers.

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